Cloud | Big Data

Duration Time
40 Hours (5 Days)

Cloud computing relies on sharing of resources to achieve coherence and economies of scale, similar to a utility (like the electricity grid) over a network.At the foundation of cloud computing is the broader concept of converged infrastructure and shared services.

Cloud computing, or in simpler shorthand just "the cloud", also focuses on maximizing the effectiveness of the shared resources. Cloud resources are usually not only shared by multiple users but are also dynamically reallocated per demand. This can work for allocating resources to users. For example, a cloud computer facility that serves European users during European business hours with a specific application (e.g., email) may reallocate the same resources to serve North American users during North America's business hours with a different application (e.g., a web server). This approach should maximize the use of computing power thus reducing environmental damage as well since less power, air conditioning, rack space, etc. are required for a variety of functions. With cloud computing, multiple users can access a single server to retrieve and update their data without purchasing licenses for different applications.

Key Features
20 hours of high quality eLearning content
3 case studies
106 real world examples from various industries
Education with new technologies
Achievements in work
2 Glossaries for difficult terms & acronyms
Intoduction 45 min
Enterprise Hybrid Cloud 55 min
Public Cloud Service Definition 2 hours
VMware VCloud Datacenter Services 60 min
Target Market and Use Cases 75 min
Challenges Solved 45 min
Service Definition 55 min
Service Offerings 2 hours
Basic VDC 60 min
Committed VDC 75 min
Dedicated VDC 45 min
Compliance Definition 55 min
Compliance Controls 2 hours
Compliance Visibility and Transparency 60 min
Compliant Architecture 75 min
Architecture Definition 75 min