SOFtware Development

Duration Time
25 days

Software development is the process of computer programming, documenting, testing, and bug fixing involved in creating and maintaining applications and frameworks resulting in a software product. Software development is a process of writing and maintaining the source code, but in a broader sense it includes all that is involved between the conception of the desired software through to the final manifestation of the software, sometimes in a planned and structured process. Therefore, software development may include research, new development, prototyping, modification, reuse, re-engineering, maintenance, or any other activities that result in software products.

Key Features
20 hours of high quality eLearning content
3 case studies
106 real world examples from various industries
Education with new technologies
Achievements in work
2 Glossaries for difficult terms & acronyms
Course Introduction 45 min
File IO, Exception Handling 55 min
Data Structures, Iteration, Object-Oriented Programming 2 hours
Inheritance, Interfaces 60 min
Debugging, Logging 75 min
Multithreading Basics 50 min
Spring Break – No Classes 20 min
Advanced Multithreading 15 min
Regular Expressions, Unit Testing 75 min
Web, Sockets, HTML, HTTP 75 min
Servlets, Jetty, Cookies, Sessions 60 min
Databases, SQL, and JDBC 75 min
Comprehensive Example 75 min
Special Topics 75 min
Final Project Interactive Grading 75 min