Duration Time
25 days

Security Professionals that want to demonstrate they are qualified for IT systems hands-on roles with respect to security tasks. Candidates are required to demonstrate an understanding of information security beyond simple terminology and concepts.

Key Features
20 hours of high quality eLearning content
3 case studies
106 real world examples from various industries
Education with new technologies
Achievements in work
2 Glossaries for difficult terms & acronyms
Access Control Theory 45 min
Alternate Network Mapping Techniques 55 min
Authentication and Password Management 2 hours
Common Types of Attacks 60 min
Contingency Planning 75 min
Critical Security Controls 45 min
Crypto Concepts 55 min
Crypto Fundamentals 2 hours
Defense-in-Depth 60 min
DNS 75 min
Firewalls 45 min
Honeypots 55 min
ICMP 2 hours
Incident Handling Fundamentals 60 min
Intrusion Detection Overview 75 min
IP Packets 45 min
IPS Overview 55 min
IPv6 2 hours
Legal Aspects of Incident Handling 60 min
Linux/Unix Configuration Fundamentals 75 min
Linux/Unix Logging and Log Management 45 min
Linux/Unix OS Security Tools and Utilities 55 min
Linux/Unix Overview 2 hours
Linux/Unix Process and Service Management 60 min
Mitnick-Shimomura 75 min
Network Addressing 45 min
Network Fundamentals 55 min
Network Mapping and Scanning 2 hours
Network Protocol 60 min
Policy Framework 75 min
Protecting Data at Rest 45 min
Public Key Infrastructure PKI 55 min
Risk Management 2 hours
Securing Windows Server Services 60 min
SIEM/Log Management 75 min
Steganography Overview 45 min
TCP 55 min
UDP 2 hours
Virtual Private Networks VPNs 60 min
Viruses and Malicious Code 75 min
Vulnerability Management Overview 75 min
Vulnerability Scanning 45 min
Web Application Security 55 min
Windows Automation, Auditing and Forensics 2 hours
Windows Network Security Overview 60 min
Windows Permissions & User Rights 75 min
Windows host 55 min
Windows Permissions & User Rights 75 min